The Impact of Inflation on the Property Industry: Exploring the Challenges & Opportunities

 Inflation and the Property Industry     As everyone in the world knows right now, inflation is a problem that affects almost every aspect of the economy, and the property development industry is definitely no exception. Everywhere around the world the cost of raw materials are on the rise, property developers are struggling to maintain […]

How to use data & analytics to optimise real estate sales campaigns

Data & analytics on real estate sales campaigns   We live in a digital world, data and property analytics play a crucial role in the success of real estate lead generation campaigns. By tracking and analysing key metrics, property developers and real estate agents can gain valuable insights into the performance of their campaigns and […]

How property developers can increase sales when inflation has decreased profits

International Sales To Increase Profits In a tough market where inflation has decreased property developers’ profit margin, it’s crucial to explore new strategies to increase sales quantity and speed. One approach that developers can take is to focus on international sales. International sales can help property developers to expand their customer base and reach new […]

5 Tips on how to follow up on your real estate clients

Real Estate Follow Ups   Welcome to “5 Tips on How to Follow Up with Your Real Estate Clients,” a guide designed to enhance the post-service engagement strategies of real estate professionals. In the dynamic world of real estate, the art of following up with clients is as crucial as closing a sale. This guide […]

How to choose a property location to specialise in

Location Specialisation How do you choose the right area for your geographic listing and lead generation efforts? You should start with your successes. Figure out where you’ve had the most transactions in your career and think about building your niche from there.   Download Now: Real Estate Marketing Plan Template [Free Access]   Here are […]

How to find a facebook marketing agency for real estate

Finding the right Facebook marketing agency for your real estate business can be a challenge, but by following these tips, you can be confident that you are making an informed decision. With the right partner, you can effectively use Facebook to reach new clients and grow your business.   Stay tuned with the for more up-to-date […]

5 Technologies Real Estate Agents Need To Be Experts In

Technologies Real Estate Agents Need  As a real estate agent, it’s important that you become comfortable with the latest technology. This is especially true if you’re an older agent changing careers. After all, many of the other new agents you’re competing with are just finished school, and already know their way around technology. If you […]

How to evaluate yourself as real estate professional

In order to evaluate yourself as a top real estate professional, you need to measure, analyse, iterate, and improve yourself all the time. Improving your skills and increasing your household income as a real estate agent begins with monitoring your behaviour and performance regularly. Here are a few methods for self improvement.   1. Performance […]

How to Educate Your Real Estate Clients with Great Real Estate Content

How do you educate your clients and help them get a helicopter view of what’s going on in the property market? When your clients turn on the news or read major headlines being posted on Whatsapp or social media, the data is reflected on the national real estate market as a whole. It’s certainly very […]

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