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Organize your time & tasks

We track every action a lead takes on your site & empower your agents with insights they can act on. Your team has all the tools—accessible anywhere—to predict, accelerate, and act on opportunities. We also track each call, conversation, and interaction so you can create a culture of accountability within your team.

Work your pipeline – anywhere

Access all the tools and resources you and your agents need to convert prospects and conduct business wherever you are. Check to-dos, see top opportunities, and respond immediately. It’s all about your speed to lead.

Manage buyers & sellers right in the CRM

Useful insight into buyer and seller interests and behavior lets your team send the most relevant information and targeted alerts. Prospects stay engaged and informed — ready to take action when their dream home comes on the market, or when it’s time to list their home.

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CRM Features

Manage all your clients in one system, and efficiently engage them with follow ups

Lead Management

One system to manage all your leads, from new customers, to old customers. you will be able to monitor all conversations, and follow up when necessary.

CRM Database

A CRM database that stores all your data saved in the cloud, which means high security and no losses. Gone are the days of paper notes and excel sheets.

CRM Mobile App

Agents are always on the move, so we have a CRM mobile app which allows you to update and manage your clients from the comfort of your mobile phone.

Automated Reminders

With the CRM you are able to setup auto responders, and reminders on when you need to follow up on a prospective clients. Say goodbye to forgotten calls and appointments.

Stronger Clients Relationships

When you constantly engage your clients, and show them you are not only efficient, but also a thought leader in the market, they will trust you and your relationship strengthens.

Sales Reporting

You are able to generate reports on your sales progress, and also see sales revenue on a monthly basis. This allows you to monitor you progress and make quick decisions.