Advanced Lead Capture Techniques For Real Estate Marketing

Advanced Lead Capture Techniques For Real Estate While launching marketing campaigns that drive huge amounts of traffic to your property website or landing page is very important, effectively capturing leads is essential for growing property sales . There are many different lead capture techniques available to use, but using advanced techniques will help you take […]

A/B & Multivariate Testing For Property Lead Generation

A/B & MVT For Property Lead Generation   In the world of property marketing, A/B testing and multivariate testing are two very powerful strategies for optimising real estate lead generation campaigns to increase lead quantity and lower cost per lead. This is done by testing different variations of your property landing pages, emails, and other […]

Empowering Real Estate Lead Generation through Proptech Innovations

Real Estate Lead Generation through Proptech Innovations       In 2024 the real estate industry is no stranger to technological advancements, and the rise of Proptech (Property Technology) has ushered in a new era of lead generation possibilities. Proptech encompasses a wide range of tech-driven solutions tailored to enhance efficiency, streamline processes, and elevate […]

How to capture real estate leads effectively

  If you’re like 50% of real estate agents, you probably have failed multiple times doing property lead generation. You probably spend your time and money doing your old lead generation tactics again and again but getting the same lousy results. Conclusion In conclusion, effectively capturing real estate leads is a nuanced art that combines […]

When to Hire Marketing Experts for your Real Estate Business

Hiring Real Estate Marketing Experts Being a real estate agent is like running your own business. And most of the time owning your own business means being a one-man band – being the accountant, the bookkeeper, the administrator, the secretary, the salesperson, the marketer, and many more. These many hats lead to all types of […]

Personalisation Strategies For Property Lead Generation

Personalisation Strategies For Property Leads   As we all know, there has been a slow down of real estate project launches due to rising inflation and an increase in the cost of building materials. So for property industry professionals, it has become essential to engage with potential property leads in a personalised and more meaningful […]

How Real Estate Agents Can Increase Their Sales In 2024

  How Real Estate Agents Can Increase Their Sales   In the competitive world of real estate, increasing sales is a primary goal for any agent looking to excel and grow their business. This guide aims to provide real estate agents with effective strategies to boost their sales figures. We will explore a range of […]

5 steps to build your real estate client list

Building Your Client List   Building a robust real estate client list is essential for any agent aiming to establish a successful career in this competitive industry. The process involves more than just gathering contacts; it’s about creating meaningful connections and establishing trust. In this guide, we will outline five key steps to effectively build […]

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