4 Database Marketing Tips Real Estate Professionals Can Use To Make More Sales

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In these unpredictable times, there isn’t really one solution that can turn back time.  So it is important to focus on solid, actionable steps that you can control and implement day-by-day. While we are practicing the new norm of “social distancing” and taking a pause from our typical daily routine, you as a real estate professional will need to find the opportunities within your own current digital sphere.



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What Is Database Marketing

Database marketing in the realm of real estate refers to a targeted marketing approach where a database of clients and prospects is used to create personalised communication strategies. This database typically includes details such as contact information, property preferences, purchase history, and engagement with previous marketing campaigns. The key to successful database marketing is the segmentation of this data to tailor marketing efforts according to different client groups and their specific interests or needs.

For instance, a real estate agent might use this technique to send targeted property listings to clients who are actively searching for homes, or investment opportunities to those who have shown interest in real estate investment. By analysing the data, professionals can also identify trends, forecast client needs, and develop more effective, data-driven marketing strategies. The personalised nature of this approach not only increases the relevance and efficacy of marketing communications but also helps build stronger, more personal relationships with clients. In an industry as competitive as real estate, database marketing can be a crucial tool for agents and companies looking to stand out and cater more effectively to their clientele.


Here are a few ways you can stay productive simply by leveraging your existing client database.

real estate-timeIncrease Your Client Prospecting Time

One thing we know of certain is that during this time, it is going to take more leads to accomplish your goals today than it did before the crisis. Which means, your lead prospecting time will have to increase. Prospecting has always been one of the most important weekly tasks for property agents. The important thing to remember is that there is still opportunity out there. There are still leads, still buyers and sellers, you just need to work a little harder.
Take this time to do an audit your lead generation strategy. It’s a good time to increase your online property lead generation and change your marketing strategies that are no longer working in the coming months. For example; change your viewing plans to include virtual property tours. Instead of hosting a property event, consider doing a live property webinar for your audience


Search For ‘Golden” Leads In Your Existing Database

Since property prices are slowly decreasing, there may have been people in your database that were looking prior to the housing price increase and will continue to look during and after the interest rates have risen. In fact, there may be many people who weren’t seriously looking to move or buy prior to this situation who have since realised there is opportunity in the market to get a better deal, and will be more close to making a big decision.

These are the “Golden” opportunities to look out for. During this time period of uncertainty, people are spending a lot more time browsing online, so it’s important to stay on top of your database and property CRM to engage your network to see which leads are closer to making a decision.


Reconnect with Your Entire Network & Be a Guide For Your Community

One of the most important things people are looking for right now is accurate real estate data & information. People want to be reassured and they want trustworthy information about the market. You have an opportunity here to reconnect with past, current, and prospective clients to check in and offer your help. Make a list of the ways you can help them, whether it’s simply connecting them to another useful resource or sending them valuable property insights. Remember alot of people are still stuck at home in front of their computers and will inevitably be spending more time looking at their next dream property or simply one at a really good deal.


Understand Your Data And Metrics

Now more than ever, being a data-driven real estate professional is critical. There are plenty of numbers you can look at from your database to help strategise your new game plan for 2023. For example, figuring out the average number of leads that you need to generate in order to get a qualified prospect. Or the average number of Whatsapp texts you need to send before moving forward with a viewing, getting a closing, etc. And if this is something you haven’t been tracking – now is the perfect time to start.
You can also start tracking your follow-up & response time, because just generating leads isn’t enough. It’s the follow-up and persistent communication that comes next that truly matters. Ask yourself, how is your follow-up process? Track and measure your speed-to-engage as well as your response rates. If you’re using a CRM that tracks these things for you and schedules to-dos, be diligent with your CRM system.
Another thing to track is your lead conversion & closing rates: These numbers are critical to stay at your best, because they directly tie to your transaction volume. When you are clear on how many leads you’re converting to viewings and how many deals you’re closing, you can pinpoint where you need to improve, and estimate how many leads you need in order to reach your sales targets. Good luck

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In conclusion, harnessing the power of database marketing is a game-changer for real estate professionals aiming to boost sales. First, segment your database to deliver tailored communication that resonates with specific client groups. Whether it’s first-time buyers, luxury property seekers, or commercial investors, targeted messaging ensures relevance and engagement. Second, keep your database updated and clean; outdated or incorrect information can lead to missed opportunities and ineffective strategies. Third, utilise the data to understand and predict your clients’ needs, enabling you to offer them solutions before they even start looking elsewhere.

Lastly, don’t forget to track and analyse the results of your database marketing efforts. This will help you refine your tactics over time, making your campaigns more effective and increasing your sales success. By implementing these database marketing tips, real estate professionals can create more personalised, effective, and ultimately successful sales strategies in an increasingly competitive market.


Stay tuned with the realestatemy.com/blog for more up-to-date tips and guides for real estate marketing professionals.

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