Touch-points in a property buyer’s journey

The Property Buyer’s Journey


The property buyer’s journey is a multifaceted process that begins with an initial spark of interest and culminates in the significant decision of making a property purchase. This journey can be very complex, involving multiple touchpoints and channels of communication. It is a path filled with various stages of discovery, consideration, and decision-making, each influenced by a symphony of persuasive touch-points, from digital impressions to personal interactions.

The journey is far from linear, resembling more of a web of actions and reactions, as potential buyers weave through a complex digital landscape that includes engaging social media ads, interactive virtual tours, and informative email campaigns, all meticulously designed to guide them towards one final destination: property purchase.

This narrative unfolds from the very moment a captivating Facebook advertisement catches their eye, drawing them into a meticulously crafted funnel, the end of which marks the transformation of an interested onlooker into a vested property owner. Below is a detailed overview of a typical property buyer’s lifecycle, starting from clicking on a Facebook ad to ultimately converting into a purchase.


Initial Exposure through Paid Ad Channel

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The journey begins when a potential buyer clicks on a targeted paid ad. This could be any channel including Facebook, Instagram Google, and Tiktok.

This ad might showcase an appealing image of the property, a compelling headline, and a clear call-to-action (CTA) that encourages the prospect to want to know more.



Once clicked, the user is directed to a landing page specifically designed to provide detailed information about the property, including high-quality photos, specifications, amenities, and contact forms to encourage further engagement.


Omni-Channel Engagement

redm omni channel


After expressing interest through the initial ad click, the buyer enters a phase of multi-channel engagement, where they interact with the property through various platforms.


Sales Calls

A property sales agent may call the buyer to discuss their needs, answer questions, and build a personal connection.


SMS and WhatsApp Messages

Short messages are sent to provide quick updates, offer promotions, reminders for scheduled viewings, or to share more information about the property.



The buyer receives personalised email thanking them for their interest, providing features and benefits about the property, and to invite them to schedule a viewing.


Follow-up Engagements

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Consistent follow-ups are crucial to keep the buyer engaged and move them further along the buyer’s journey.


Retargeting Ads

Based on the buyer’s interaction with the website, retargeting ads on social media and other websites remind them of the property and prompt them to take action.


Email Nurture Funnels

Regular nurture emails provide prospects updates on the property, market trends, financing options and special offers to keep the buyer informed and engaged.


Content Marketing

Educational content such as buying guides, finance tips, and property testimonials help establish trust and authority, making the buyer more comfortable with proceeding.


Conversion and Closing

closing on sale
As the property buyer’s journey approaches towards the end of the funnel, the pivotal ‘Conversion and Closing’ phase emerges as a critical juncture, where the careful cultivation of client relationships and tailored communications converge to transform interest and negotiation into the concrete reality of a property transaction


Personalised Consultation

A one-on-one real time consultation, either virtual or in-person, helps to address any remaining questions and concerns, providing a tailored experience that aligns with the buyer’s specific needs.


Viewing and Inspection

Physical or virtual viewings and inspections are arranged to give the buyer a real sense of the property, allowing them to envision their life there.


Financing and Paperwork

Once the buyer decides to proceed, financing needs to be finalised. Property agreement, paperwork is prepared, including contracts and financing arrangements, to finalise the sale.


Post-Purchase Engagement

The relationship doesn’t end at the sale. Follow-up calls, satisfaction surveys, and updates on the property process ensure a smooth transition for the buyer and encourage referrals.



Throughout this journey, it’s essential to provide a seamless, personalised experience across all touch-points. It is critical that each interaction—whether it be through social media, email correspondence, in-person viewings, or telephone communications—resonates with the individual needs and preferences of the buyer.

Leveraging the capabilities of sophisticated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to meticulously record each engagement and preference, real estate professionals can craft a journey that feels both personal and reassuring. This omnichannel strategy, which harmoniously integrates various platforms and modes of communication, is the linchpin in constructing a foundation of trust and value. It ensures that prospective buyers are not merely led but are accompanied with care and consideration through the complexities of decision-making.

By doing so, the journey from initial interest to final purchase is not just a transaction but an experience that leaves the buyer feeling deeply connected to their decision, reinforcing their confidence in their choice and in the professionals who guided them there. This holistic approach to the buyer’s journey is pivotal, as it not only facilitates a successful sale but also fosters enduring relationships and a reputable brand that buyers are eager to recommend.




Ben Liau

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