Why real estate agents need a CRM

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Most agents think they are experts and know how to effectively nurture their prospects.  But until they get a property lead management system CRM, they won’t really understand what is the best ways to do so.

An experienced real estate agent is typically a professional who has steadily grown their business by building up their list of contacts and promoting their personal brand and the niche they specialise in for some time, including and especially online via digital marketing. But a newer agent is just getting started in the business and learning how best to manage their leads. So as new property agents start interacting with their prospects via content on their property website and providing their contact information, they will need to understand the best way to manage it all.

A CRM for real estate agents combined with marketing strategies can do great wonders in terms of turning leads into sales.

Experienced real estate experts, will benefit from a solution that offers comprehensive organization of all their leads with seamless integration. The new property agents will probably have a system that is simple to learn and offers excellent automation capabilities to help them develop their lead nurturing strategies.

CRMs handle the time time-consuming tasks for agents so you can devote your energy to the many of other responsibilities a typical real estate agent will have.

The beauty of an effective CRM is that it essentially does the work for you. There are various benefits to the tools available, depending on your individual business goals, and research shows CRM software has the biggest impact on customer retention rates and customer satisfaction rates in businesses who use those tools.

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When choosing a real estate CRM make sure to have these features:

  1. An Intuitive system

    Make sure your real estate CRM Is easy to use, intuitive, and a system you understand easily. Meaning, no matter how much or little technology experience you have, you will still be able to easily learn how to do things like add and update contact records, send automatic emails to your prospects, and set task reminders for yourself.

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  2. Easy Accessible

    Choose a CRM that lets you manage your database of leads from wherever you are. Make sure you can easily access it from your mobile phone.

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  3. Customisable

    Set your own marketing and sales goals to fit your individual and team needs. For example, if you’re an agency, having the capability to assign various qualified leads to your agents.

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  4. Marketing Automation

    Previously time-consuming tasks like sending follow-up  emails  and other content  to your leads can be scheduled in advance which means even when you’re juggling several priorities, all of your prospects receive the same level of attention, with hours saved on your behalf.

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  5. Real-time Monitoring

    You can see the activity of leads on your site, like which properties they viewed and which of your site pages they visited — in other words, vital details that can help you determine where your prospects are in the marketing funnel.

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In short, a CRM exists to make the necessary tasks related to your real estate lead generation and management significantly easier. It streamlines communication with your prospects and team.  If you’re an agency or developer , lets you update lead information from virtually anywhere, and keeps your contacts organised so you can devote more of your precious time to nurturing the leads you’re confident will convert into new or recurring clients down the line.

Stay tuned with the realestatemy.com/blog for more up-to-date tips and guides for real estate marketing professionals.

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