How to turn your business goals into real estate marketing actions

Business goals into real estate marketing actions

How to turn your business goals into real estate marketing actions

Business goal-setting is just the first step in reaching real estate business success. Just by setting goals doesn’t automatically lead to results. Instead, many goals become just another thing on the never-ending to-do list for real estate professionals, and year after year you’re left with the same list of no-action on your original goals. The key to getting results is setting up reachable goals and a detailed marketing action plan that will keep you focused and hold you accountable as you proceed to achieve your goals.


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In this post, we’ll show you how to develop a property marketing action plan for your business goals, how to outline important steps and take action for each real estate marketing business goal you have.

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1. Developing a Real Estate Action Plan to Manage Goals

First thing is to, set realistically reachable goals. That doesn’t mean you can’t strive to be a world champion boxer one day, but if you’ve never been in a boxing match, it’s unlikely that setting a high goal at the outset will yield anything but stress and disappointment. As you set goals right after New Year, don’t focus on the harder unrealistic goals, but, focus on the goals that you know you can hit within the year that will allow you to make good progress towards your ultimate goals eventually.

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2. Set motivational actions.

Developing a business plan with goals is just the first step. Actual actions should be the most important motivator. If you’re hoping to get more leads, the motivating action could be “increase lead generation by 90%.” This becomes the mantra for your goals and will help you to refocus when you’re feeling down and overwhelmed. It’s also important to prioritise all your actions. Is property lead generation more important than real estate lead management, or is property listing generation more of a priority this month? Use a color coding or numbering system to prioritise which is more important.

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3. Develop real action steps.

Now that you have motivational actions, you need real action steps. For example for increasing property lead generation will involve action steps like doing Facebook marketing, running real estate Google ad campaigns, and writing two blog posts per week. Be focused on your actions steps: This is not the time to add a long todo list on your plate, but rather to focus on the steps that are doable and will give you the highest return.

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4. Write out the tasks for each action step

Breaking your action steps into small, manageable tasks can remove the stress that comes with thinking about big steps. So, if one of your action steps is to increase lead generation through property Facebook advertising, define what that means in small steps, whether that’s selecting your best property social media posts and choosing to boost them, or editing property photo assets for your top five listings to use in ads. Also don’t forget that you’ll have to write the content, build the online landing pages, and track and monitor how your ads are performing. As you can see, the process is already more in-depth than just “advertising with Facebook,” so whatever actions you decide, just make sure the actual tasks are as specific as possible.

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5. Decide on the investment amount

Each action and its list of action steps requires an investment, whether that be time, research, marketing collateral, money, etc. It’s important to write down exactly what it will take to execute this goal. Putting this in writing really allows you know how much you can actually afford in a week, month, or year. Ideally your top priority goals will take up the majority of your time and the lower priority goals will need less output of your energy and resources.

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6. Create ways to track your progress and hold yourself accountable

How will you ever know if real estate marketing strategy is working if you’re not tracking your results? Here are some things you need to consider:

Develop a method for measuring and tracking: Determine how you’ll define a successful completion of a task, and also how you’ll determine if you’ve reached your goal by your deadline (e.g. “I track Facebook leads from a different post, and will compare this results with my original data month-over-month to see if my leads are increasing by 50%”).

Set Start and End Dates: You shouldn’t action everything all at once. Write when you’ll start an action step and the deadline for its completion. You can also create deadlines for each of your smaller tasks which will help keep you on track.

Marking tasks off of your action plan can alleviate stress and provide a sense of accomplishment. Once you’ve completed a task, small or large, write down the date completed. This should also jumpstart your motivation to tackle the remainder of tasks in your real estate marketing action plan. Then, see if your actions led to your goal being reached.

Establish benchmarks: Take note of where you are now so you’ll be able to assess how much you’ve grown.

Stay tuned with the for more up-to-date tips and guides for real estate professionals.

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