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The real estate industry has always been an extremely competitive industry. Only the most eye-catching , original, & beautiful advertisements get any attention at all from people, and it seems like property print media often plays second runner up to the digital world. But this is not always the case.

The reality is that exhibitions, trade shows, and open houses are just a few areas where print collateral is vital to engaging with potential clients, showcase your projects and properties, and promote your property services. Yes, doing direct mail can be lucrative, but successful real estate marketing thrives on the actual combination of print media and digital exposure. This is why it’s very important to use the right software that integrates your print and digital marketing initiatives.



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Design Features you should look for:

 On-Demand, Ready-to-use, customisable designer templates

  • You need an easy-to-use platform that supports in-house design and publishing, from initial content creation to content approval & printing.
  • You need advanced features to secure your content and lock down assets so your brand is never compromised.
  • You need a one-step print & publish integration with delivery to your office, clients, and social media.


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Here is a step-by-step overview of how this type of software would support print marketing for real estate agencies


digital branding


STEP 1: Choose or create content templates that can be used as online and print marketing

To optimise your integrated print & digital marketing strategy, first identify the contents you want to include in your media campaigns and how you can best repurpose these assets .

Printed postcards can be put into the mail, displayed visually at appropriate venues, and even used as giant business cards at exhibitions or on billboards. Digital versions can be posted on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin.


  • Traditional printed real estate business cards are not just calling cards, but really miniature advertisements for your business and agency. Attach a digital copy of your card to your email signature and upload a copy to Linkedin. You can quickly create a fresh social media content every day, at an agency event, a new project release, or even giving advice on buying real estate.


  • Brochures and booklets printed on luxurious, glossy paper can showcase your agency’s portfolio most elegantly. Also remember to publish digital versions on business networks like LinkedIn. Combine one with a personalised post about your real estate agency’s success stories.


  • You can also create property flyers and real estate posters to display at business/real estate networking events, community ventures, festivals, markets, and open house promotions. Even people on Pinterest can be mobilised to spread the word about new home listings.


  • All your printed stationery should always include a agency letterhead. Use it for PDFs, as well, or attach it to digital correspondence as a signature file.



branding guidelines



STEP 2: Personalise or customise your selected templates

Find the perfect content templates to customise with your agency logo, fonts, brand colours, images & text. Some examples to inspire you would be: a business card, a postcard, a newsletter, a Twitter post, a Linkedin post, a Pinterest post or a Facebook post.

You will have to ensure your agency brand consistency with the same colours across print media & digital campaigns. This will require both RGB colours (optimal for computers) and CMYK (optimal for print) colours.

Create an content image gallery that you and your agents/team all have access to in the cloud. To make it easy to find relevant images, you can have a naming convention for files (e.g. You should also use high quality images of at least 300 dpi.

Always preview your designs for correct font size, readability, visual clarity and orientation so the final print job will be perfect.



branding manual



STEP 3:  Share the creative vision with your whole property agency

Team collaboration should be easy, especially with cloud-based online software. You can share your contents, invite your team to give feedback. With the right permissions, only the people you approve will have access to view or edit content.



branding assets



STEP 4:  Lock down valuable content & brand assets

One great advantage of TALGIC is that your agency’s corporate designers can lock down the core elements of your brand e.g. logos, fonts & colours, But anyone at the real estate agency can still add their own special touch to a content presentation or campaign. This way, the agency brand stays consistent, but your property sales team gets to include their own personality into their content marketing.



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STEP 5: Prints being delivered

Property agents can reduce cost and improve their productivity by using online integrated printing services. If you design and order prints from the same platform, you know they’re going to look exactly as you want them to look. Your online software should print and ship to all location, whether you are receiving a stack of business cards at your agency office or distributing direct mail postcards in a local area.

If you follow these steps, your property sales team should feel confident in their ability to design and deliver professional real estate marketing materials. But, what about digital marketing? how does the process change? stay tuned to the next part of the series where will explore in detail on how to properly manage your real estate brand digital collateral.  Here is the last topic in the series:


  • Digital Collateral


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