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1: Personalise every single email you send to prospects

It’s a very simple thing to do, just by adding your leads’ names to the top of every email you send them. However, this kind of personalisation goes a long way in building trust with your real estate prospects, getting them to engage with your communication, and directing them back to your real estate website. So, be sure your emails, and even whatsapps have this kind of personalisation to enhance your client engagement.



2: Test your email subject lines, copy, CTAs, etc.

A/B testing isn’t just something you ought to conduct solely for your real estate website. Testing different content headers can see drastically different results with your emails by altering the smallest things.

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3: Get right to the point to engage recipients.

Your property website is the ideal medium for lengthy, explanatory content that details your business, community, skills, and expertise. Emails, on the other hand, are meant to be short sweet and direct. For instance, if you want buyer leads to sign up for a viewing, ensure your call to actions are the right ones.

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4: Identify email content that resulted in viewings

After a few months’ worth of emails to your database, you’ll be able to detect which email campaigns and which emails within those campaigns performed “best.” By best, we mean the ones that led to actual engagement and communication. The leads that clearly want to learn more about you and/or buying or selling a home, meaning they are likely your top prospects to close a transaction.

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5: Secure feedback on your email campaigns.

Whether it’s from past leads who never converted (and probably won’t at any point) or past clients you’ve worked with, it’s great to get feedback from your prospects and customers to understand what they did and didn’t like about your email content you sent them. You may find you sent emails too frequently, ones that weren’t clear, or even ones that just didn’t appeal to your audience. Whatever the issue(s) are, this info can help improve your future email sends.

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Stay tuned with the for more up-to-date tips and guides for real estate marketing professionals.

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