How do property agents prepare for a client viewing

Agent Preparation For Viewing


The first thing to remember is not to be unprepared. Prepare well for the viewing; ideally, plan one day in advance. Remember your personal value and your list of key differentiators from your competition, and practice saying them in your conversation with clients.

You have to know your competition well, and anticipate what they’ll likely say and present to your clients. Knowing this you can neutralise their strengths and exploit their weaknesses by emphasising your core principal and strengths and key value differentiators.

Familiarise yourself with your client’s location. Drive around or walk around it. Know the property market stats inside and out, and how to interpret and pull insights from these stats. Demonstrate how these real estate stats relate to national statistics; also remember, that your potential client will likely have heard more information about national housing trends than he/she will have heard about local trends, so use this to your advantage. By showing your understanding of the block-by-block listing activity around the prospect’s property, and how this relates to national statistics, you are showing your own expertise and reassuring any type of client that you are a competent, knowledgeable, and trustworthy real estate negotiator.


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Put your understanding of the type of client you’re meeting into action.

realestatemy professional

A first time buyers/seller needs education, coaching, and a detailed walk-through of the home buying and selling process. With this type of client you’re an expert and mentor. Reassure them that you’ve got everything covered so they don’t have to worry.

For a seasoned buyer/seller, you may want to touch on your experience and knowledge but most of the time these clients will want you to cut to the chase on your points of differentiation from other agents. How will you market their property? How big is your database of contacts and listings and do they match the client’s property requirements?

For your luxury, downsize, upsize, or investor customers, make a list of five to 10 questions they will likely ask (based on your initial phone call with them). Answer these questions and layer theses answers into your client presentation.

Here are some general guidelines to help your presentation preparation around:


– They care how fast you can transact the property and for how much.


– Bring a marketing plan that goes above and beyond the status quo.


– This client needs to get the most for their current situation so they can move up.


– This is most likely the last property they will transact, as their retirement is top of mind.


When Its Viewing Time, Keep These 7 Tips In Mind


  1. Show your past client references and testimonials
  2. Dress up for success
  3. Prepare for a digital real estate presentation but have a backup in case your digital devices fail
  4. Have everything prepared the day before; this means your presentation, testimonials, agreement, etc. NEVER prepare the day of the meeting.
  5. Always show up 15 minutes early
  6. Show your existing database to demonstrate how good you are
  7. Practice your affirmations before your presentation to get in the right frame of mind to do well!


Dealing at the office

Do Your Presentation Well


buyer real estate agent


Now that it’s viewing time, trust in your preparation. Winning a client is never a sure thing, so you have to be on top of your game, appear relaxed, knowledgeable, and authoritative.


Are your clients already dealing with multiple agents? Even if you’re first to present against your competition, ask for the business…you may be surprised that the client is ready to move forward to go exclusive without meeting with other agencies. And you can have the pleasure of personally informing your competition that your are exclusive!


If the client does not offer you the deal, have a follow-up process in place to stay in touch. Remember, polite persistence is important. Ask them the best way to keep in touch and setup a reminder immediately.


Stay tuned with the for more up-to-date tips and guides for real estate marketing professionals.

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