How to turn real estate goals into marketing tactics

Turn real estate goals into marketing tactics

How to turn real estate goals into marketing tactics


Turning real estate goals into effective marketing tactics is a vital process for agents looking to achieve success and growth in the industry. This guide will explore the strategic steps needed to translate your overarching real estate objectives into actionable marketing plans. We’ll discuss how to clearly define your goals, whether it’s increasing sales, expanding your client base, or entering new markets, and then break them down into specific, measurable marketing activities.

From leveraging digital marketing channels like social media and email campaigns to traditional methods such as networking and direct mail, we’ll cover a range of tactics suited to various goals. Additionally, we’ll delve into the importance of aligning your marketing efforts with your target audience and market trends, ensuring that your tactics are not only well-planned but also relevant and effective. This approach is essential for real estate professionals seeking to make a tangible impact in their market and drive their business forward.


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Now that we’ve established how to create a property marketing action plan, it’s time to consider real estate marketing ideas and tactics for typical agents and agency goals:


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1. Lead Generation


Real estate lead generation can takes many forms, and the tactics for getting leads will depend on your particular property niche. You could simply want a general large lead database to cultivate or, in cases where you already have many leads, more specific and targeted leads to pursue.

Marketing tactics to generate more leads could include:

  • Using Google advertising that target a set of popular and moderately competitive property key terms that lead to landing pages with strong copy and CTAs.
  • Developing a strong brand on social media to grow your audience over time.
  • Increasing lead capture opportunities on your website so visitors are more encouraged to get in touch or be put on your email list.
  • Ensuring your website is responsive so you’re offering a great experience for mobile users.

If you want to attract more targeted property leads, marketing tactics may include:

  • Targeting hyper-local keywords for your marketing so you’re getting folks looking for properties specifically in your market.
  • Using the targeting on Facebook to target advertisements to demographics that are more likely to convert into actual leads.
  • Sponsoring local events to develop a stronger community following of your brand.


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2. Increasing Close Rates.


Few things matter more for your bottom line than “did you actually close the deal?” When assessing ways to make improvements in close rate, you need to take note of lead nurturing.


  • Show you’re a helpful real estate professional by offering the right information at the right times that will encourage leads to trust you and move through the sales funnel.
  • Implement marketing automation systems so your messages reach leads at the right times and so you can deliver prompt follow-up to all of your leads.
  • Develop an engaging newsletter that highlights listings on the market, relevant property content for your leads, and your brand’s messaging.


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3. Decreasing Cost Per Lead


Reaching your financial goals also requires a means to optimise the amount of one you’re spending, and you certainly don’t want to blow your whole advertising budget on the first 50 leads that you get. To minimise the cost per lead for your real estate marketing, focus on what needs optimisation. You can also make your ad spend more efficient by:


  • Developing long-tail keywords approaches for real estate Google ads so you’re attracting buyers and sellers with more specific needs.
  • Optimise your website with those same long-tail keyword phrases to increase the level of SEO organic traffic to your website.
  • A/B split testing Facebook marketing to make sure you are maximising conversions.


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4. Growing Gross Revenue


  • Offer beautiful, staged/ virtual staged listing photography and strong listing copy that goes above and beyond the typical angles so you’ll generate more motivated leads.
  • Create dedicated landing pages or single property/condo sites for individual condos/listings so you can include imagery and copy that give leads a fuller story for the listing.
  • Develop hand-out guides, and real estate reports that educate leads about your market. These will also communicate that you’ve done your research when it comes to area listings, increasing lead confidence that your pricing is fair.


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5. Growth Rate Year Over Year


  • Analyse your core real estate metrics and see if you can tap new lead sources or shorten time to close with new lead nurturing tactics.
  • Build your brand for what you want to attract. If you want to get into higher-priced markets, focus on securing professional listing photography and using a graphic designer to develop marketing assets for your business.
  • Try creative marketing ideas that go above and beyond the usual.
  • Diversify your lead base by using real estate video marketing, and capitalise on visual mediums like Instagram.
  • Increase your media ad spend and balance bids for a range of highly searched terms at various competition levels.





In conclusion, turning real estate goals into marketing tactics is a critical process that requires thoughtful planning and a strategic approach. By clearly defining your goals, understanding your target market, and selecting the right mix of digital and traditional marketing techniques, you can create effective campaigns that resonate with your audience.

It’s important to continuously measure the success of these tactics against your objectives, making adjustments as needed to improve effectiveness. Integrating innovative approaches, staying adaptable to market changes, and maintaining a consistent brand message are also key to the success of your marketing efforts. When executed well, these tactics not only help in achieving your specific real estate goals but also in establishing a strong, enduring presence in the competitive real estate market.


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