3 Common Problems for Real Estate Professionals

Problems for Real Estate Professionals

3 Common Problems for Real Estate Negotiators


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Problem #1

“My sales transactions are not consistent, sometimes good, sometimes not, and i’ve contacted everyone I know.”

Solution – Use a real estate lead generation service.

By investing in a continuous supply of leads, you’re making your first move to creating a steady sales funnel. Being the best at real estate digital marketing strategy yourself is very difficult, time consuming, and labor-intensive. Pay-per-click advertising is always changing, with constant updates to Facebook and Google’s algorithms. Optimising your website, selecting the right bidding strategy, setting and monitoring your budget, creating ad copy and CTAs, and optimising along the way… it’s pretty much a full-time job on its own. So rather than trying to become a digital marketing expert, you should outsource to the professional digital marketing that specialise in property.

How do I evaluate a good property lead generation service?


Work with a lead generation service that can deliver a good number of leads that will give you the best possible cost-per-lead (CPL). Remember that more leads isn’t always more sales! If you have too many leads, you will be spending more money, and you can get overwhelmed with leads, and some high-quality leads can be lost if you are not able to response quickly to all the leads.

You need to ask yourself these questions to figure out how many leads is “enough” for you:

  • How many leads does you need to get a real viewing?
  • How many viewings do you need to get to close a sale?
  • What is your conversion rate?
  • How big is your current database?
  • How much time are you willing to dedicate to prospecting?


It’s important to remember that just because a property lead isn’t ready to buy a property right now, or even if they say “No,” this does not mean that they are a dead lead or a “junk” lead. Leads take time to turn into sale. Especially online leads, so keep in mind if you’ve already taken steps to improve lead quality, and you’re still complaining about lead quality issues – it may be your own sales problem and not a lead problem. There are some simple ways to assure that you’re getting the highest quality leads possible and also funnelling leads into your pipeline strategically for higher conversions.

3 Things You Can Do To Improve Yourself:

  • Improve your personal branding
  • Get your clients to give your positive reviews/ testimonials
  • Implement lead nurture plans for long-term leads

how to be better than other real estate agents

Problem #2

“Managing and following up with all my leads has become too difficult to manage. I don’t have time to do it all and be a real estate negotiator.”

Solution – Invest in a CRM. It is a critical component to building a sustainable, and scalable real estate business.

The best real estate CRMs enable agents to contact hundreds of leads in an hour. Enables property agents to find ready-to-close lead opportunities. Enables real estate professionals to prioritise based on ROI (i.e. tasks more likely to generate bigger commissions). A CRM provides organisational tools, reminders, and automation. A CRM reduces busywork, and works well to grow your business.

What does a good property lead management service look like?

Lead Generation & Qualification

To increase your reach, a good CRM will have a suite of lead generation tools and 3rd party lead integration tools that enable you to diversify your lead sources by directing more traffic to your site. It will offload the qualifying process for you so you can see more conversions.

Consumer Website

You need to have your own personal property website to capture leads. Your website should keep your leads coming back for more with an addictive search experience, great property photos, and engaging tools. It should have fresh listing data, and good personal branding.

Agent Tools

Nurture and convert more property leads. A modern CRM is predictive and provides insights that allow you to work smarter (not harder). It should turn your database into manageable, segmented and targeted lists to action. Every lead category should have customisable action plans, nurture campaigns, and automated notifications.


Problem #3

“I’m starting to get more property transactions, which is great, but now managing the transaction is too time consuming”

Solution– Invest in a transaction management solution.

Transaction management solutions are extremely valuable for a growing real estate business and help to create an efficient, streamlined process with your transactions.

What does a good transaction management tool look like?

Key Features:

  • Complete visibility into every transaction
  • Management from one dashboard or central hub
  • Commission tracking


The key is to use a transaction management system that syncs seamlessly with your CRM! When you’re evaluating different tools, make sure your real estate CRM integrates well with your other systems so that you aren’t creating a fragmented experience.



In conclusion, real estate professionals often face a trio of common challenges: fluctuating market conditions, client relationship management, and effective use of technology. Navigating the ever-changing real estate market requires adaptability and a keen understanding of current trends. Building and maintaining strong client relationships is crucial for sustained success, demanding excellent communication skills and client-focused service.

Additionally, leveraging technology effectively is no longer optional; it’s a necessity for staying competitive and efficient. By addressing these challenges proactively, real estate professionals can not only overcome these common problems but also harness them as opportunities for growth, refinement of skills, and advancement in their careers. Acknowledging and tackling these issues head-on is essential for thriving in the dynamic world of real estate.


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