How to be better than other real estate negotiators?

Being better than the competition

The role of the real estate negotiator is continually evolving, and negotiators need to change with it. To be successful real estate negotiators need to think like a race car driver. Don’t hit the brakes when things appear to be taking a turn. Race car drivers slow as they enter a turn, but hit the accelerator as they approach the second part, so they hit the next straightaway at the highest speed. It’s time to hit the accelerator, to invest more time, energy, and resources into your real estate business. By driving hard on the turns, you will have a much bigger lead over your competition that by the time they hit the next straightaway, they won’t even be able to smell the smoke from your tires.

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1. Always Be Ready to Share the Knowledge You Are Looking For

Real estate negotiators are constantly seeking more skills and knowledge, but what are they doing with it, once they get it? Every place and asset is a point of education e.g your property website, a real estate presentation, even bumping into someone at your kid’s school. You should have great and interesting information ready to share at your fingertips. When someone asks whether or not it’s a good time to buy a property, don’t just tell them ‘yes.’ Be able to explain to them the real estate trends and why now would be the best time to make a purchase. Your job shouldn’t be to just sell to people, but also to educate them at the same time.

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2. Always Keep Your Value Proposition Unique

What differentiates you from other property agents? You need to make sure that your value proposition is unique. People want a trusted advisor who understands what’s going on in the property market–not someone who sends them irrelevant listings and ugly photos. Do you want to be known as the person who annoys people with whatsapp messages, or do you want to be known as a great negotiator who can get their property sold?




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3. Build Customer Trust with Great Content

In every industry its hard to gain the trust from clients. So make sure you have good content and online branding is really important, up-to-date, and compulsory. Good content does attract people, but great content attracts a lot of people. According to RealestateMY “Your goal is to have your clients see you as an important asset. You want them to see you and your business as an industry authority or expert. You can achieve this with the content you share and post online.

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4. Be the Expert who makes everything work!

In order to provide real value to clients, and really establish trust, you have to provide great insights into all the information you have shared. Give your clients relevant information that will help them make an informed decision for themselves. And show clients that you are a person who understands what’s going on in the market and can show them where the property market is going.

Negotiators now have more of a responsibility to the clients to share valuable information, and make sure they are educated enough to make the right decision. It’s the responsibility of real estate experts to show clients that they understand and can move the real estate market forward.

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