Questions You Need To Ask Before Purchasing A Property


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Questions You Need To Ask Before Purchasing A Property


Embarking on the journey of purchasing a property is both thrilling and daunting. It’s a decision that requires more than just falling in love with a place. To ensure you make a wise and informed choice, there are several crucial questions you need to ask. From uncovering the true condition of the property to understanding the intricacies of the location, these questions help paint a complete picture of what you’re investing in.

Are there hidden costs? What’s the neighbourhood like? How does the property’s value trend in the market? Asking the right questions not only safeguards your investment but also aligns your choice with your lifestyle and future plans. Remember, buying property is not just a transaction; it’s a step towards your future.

If you are thinking about purchasing a property right now, you are probably getting a lot of advice from many people. Though your friends and family have your best interests at heart, they may not be fully aware of your actual needs and what is currently happening in the real estate market.

You will need to ask yourself the following three questions to help determine if now is the best time for you to buy in today’s property market.



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Why am I buying a property in the first place?


This is really the most important question to answer. Forget the home budget for a second. Why did you even begin to consider purchasing a property? For most people, the reason has nothing to do with finances.

The actual reasons might be:

  • A good place to raise your children and provide them with a good education
  • A place where you and your family feel safe and secure
  • More space for you and your family
  • Moving up in the world

So what does owning a property mean to you? What non-financial benefits will you and your family gain from buying a new home? The answer to that question should be the biggest reason you decide to purchase a property or not.


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Where are home values headed?

Last year was a tough one for almost all property sectors. According to data from the National Property Information Centre (Napic), in 1H2020, Malaysia’s property market transaction volume and value decreased 27.9% and 31.5% respectively compared with the previous year. While most property consultants believe there should be some recovery this year, it will depend on the Covid-19 vaccine as well as the performance of the job market and economy.  So keep this in mind when thinking about buying a property.

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What does that mean to you?

Simply put, with prices decreasing, it may save you more if you wait until prices stabilise to buy. But also note that your down payment will also need to be higher if prices start to increase across the board.



Where are home loan interest rates headed?


A buyer must be concerned about more than just prices. The ‘long-term cost’ of instalments on a home can be dramatically impacted by even a small increase in mortgage rates.

In the ever-evolving world of real estate, keeping an eye on home loan interest rates is crucial for both buyers and sellers. While it’s challenging to predict with absolute certainty, trends can often be inferred from current economic indicators and policy decisions. Factors such as inflation rates, central bank policies, and overall economic health play a pivotal role.

In times of economic growth and stability, interest rates may rise to keep inflation in check, whereas in more uncertain economic periods, rates might be lowered to encourage borrowing and stimulate the market. Staying updated with financial news, consulting with mortgage experts, and monitoring announcements from central banks can provide valuable insights into where home loan interest rates might be headed. This knowledge not only aids in making timely decisions but also helps in planning your financial future with greater clarity.


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What’s the Future of the Area?

Research the area’s development plans. Are there upcoming infrastructure projects or commercial developments that could enhance or detract from your quality of life? The future prospects of the area are as important as its current state.

When considering the future of an area where you’re planning to buy property, it’s essential to look beyond the present. Researching planned developments, upcoming infrastructure projects, or changes in zoning laws can give valuable insights into how the area might evolve. Is there a new shopping center, school, or public transportation line in the works?

These additions can enhance the quality of life and potentially increase property values. Conversely, be aware of any projects that might negatively impact the area, such as industrial development. Understanding these future prospects helps in making a well-informed decision, ensuring that your investment is not just suitable for today but continues to be valuable in the years to come.


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How Does the Location Fit Your Lifestyle?

When it comes to buying property, the mantra “location, location, location” couldn’t be more true, especially in terms of how it fits your lifestyle. Consider what a day in your life looks like and how the location of your potential home supports that. Are you looking for the tranquility of the suburbs or the hustle and bustle of city life?

How close are essential amenities like schools, parks, grocery stores, or hospitals? If you’re a commuter, assess the ease of access to public transportation or major highways. Don’t forget to factor in the neighborhood culture – does it offer cafes, galleries, or fitness centers that align with your interests? The right location isn’t just about geographic convenience; it’s about finding a place that complements and enhances your daily life, making your house truly a home.

Location is more than a pin on a map; it’s about your daily life. How close are essential amenities like grocery stores, hospitals, and schools? What’s the commute like? Don’t forget to inquire about the neighbourhood’s safety, community vibe, and future development plans that could affect your living experience.


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In Summary

In summing up, asking the right questions before purchasing a property is essential in making an informed and confident decision. It’s about digging deeper than the surface appeal and understanding the nuances of your potential investment. From assessing the property’s condition and location to getting a clear picture of the financial and legal aspects, each question brings you closer to finding a property that’s not just a house, but a home.

So, take your time, be thorough in your inquiries, and remember, the answers you receive today will shape your living experience for years to come. With the right questions, you’re not just buying a property; you’re investing in your future. Only you and your family will know for sure if now is the right time to purchase a property. But answering these questions will help you make that decision easier.

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